Client Testimonials

“Alex is a caring, nurturing, dependable person.  Unlike others we’ve encountered Alex is very professional and respectful of our time and privacy and has been very easy to have in our home.  Not only were we able to sleep soundly knowing that Alex was there for our baby during the night, but she was also able to get him to sleep through the night while bring very sensitive to his needs.”


“We welcomed Alex back as our postpartum doula after the birth of our second child.  Alex exhibits a true nurturing nature to both mama and baby.  We quickly fell back into our chats when she arrived at our home in the evening and she always put my mind at ease (funny how after 3 years the newborn phase seems brand new!).  Alex is caring, professional and extremely knowledgeable about newborns.  We never feel as though her time with us is “done”.  She is a wonderful resource and great caregiver.  Over three years and two babies, Alex has become a trusted friend and professional while providing the highest level of care to myself and to our babies.”

The D family

“My husband and I were so fortunate to have found Alex. She was there throughout the birth process, labor & delivery of our daughter. We also hired Alex to care for our daughter until she was 3 months old. Not only were we first time parents, we had a colicky baby and we were in the process of moving. Alex was so helpful and was very patient with our daughter…as well as with us! We’re not sure what we would’ve done without her.”

J & K

“This letter serves as a recommendation for Alex McGuire’s postpartum doula services. In July 2008 my husband and I arrived home with our first child and were totally overwhelmed with the new responsibilities of parenting a newborn.We needed help and decided to interview postpartum doula’s to assist us in our new roles.When Alex arrived for her interview we immediately felt comfortable with her relaxed yet confident approach to caring for an infant.

Alex has provided four weeks of infant care assistance and it has made a world of difference in surviving the first six weeks. Alex primarily cared for our daughter, but also did laundry, cleaned bottles and straightened up the nursery. During her time with us she showed us soothing strategies, how to bathe our baby, and helped our breastfed infant adjust to a pacifier and bottle.

We immediately trusted that our baby was in excellent hands. This allowed us to take restful naps, run errands and take time out without worrying at all if our little one was okay.

I recommend Alex without any hesitation to provide postpartum doula care.  We wish we could keep Alex coming into our home to support our family forever!”