Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Newborn Care Specialist?

A baby nurse* or newborn specialist is a woman who is experienced in caring for newborns and infants.  I have the ability to provide dedicated and outstanding care to babies, their parents and siblings.  A newborn specialist will assist your family with everyday care and handle the needs associated with having a new baby in a household.  I will help you get plenty of rest and truly understand how to confidently and comfortably care for your new child.  As your Charlotte newborn care specialist I have the ability to assist with myriad daily functions, including sleep training, diaper changing, bathing, dressing, feeding, baby laundry, and more!  I will work with you to establish a sleeping and eating routine that allows for everyone’s schedule to be met.  Ultimately, my goal is to help your family transition as you all work to care for the baby. (*The term “baby nurse” which has been used for generations, has been replaced with newborn care specialist. As an NCS, I am NOT a registered nurse.)

What exactly is postpartum?

The word postpartum literally means “after the baby” and is usually associated with the first six weeks after birth.  During this time, what a new mom needs most is time to get to know her baby and bond with her new son or daughter.  Moreover, a woman who is experiencing this postpartum period also needs rest—a lot of it.  If you ask just about any woman who has given birth what she not only needed, but also longed for, during those first few weeks at home and she will undoubtedly say sleep.  Additionally, it is also typical for a new mother to experience various symptoms during the postpartum period, the majority of which are very normal.  It is important for a woman in the postpartum phase to have help and support in order to navigate this time happily and productively. As your Charlotte postpartum doula, I can help you have an easier transition to parenthood.

When is a baby too old to sleep train?

Many new parents approach me with this question and I can proudly say that no baby is ever too old to develop healthy sleep habits.  While the sooner you start down this path, the happier both you and your baby will be, in essence, there is no wrong time. Ultimately, if you have been contemplating sleep training, now is the ideal time.

What is a bedtime ritual?

To summarize this question with a one-word answer: Important!  Through the formation of a bedtime ritual, you and your family will establish a series of sleep cues that will become predictable to your child.  The bedtime ritual will help the baby wind down from the day’s activities and usually consist of a warm bath, a relaxing massage, muted lights and some quiet cuddle time.  All of these things will help your baby find sleep.

Can Babybliss Newborn Care help with multiple babies?

Absolutely!  I understand that sometimes babies don’t only come in ones, but also twos, threes, fours and more!  No matter how big your brood, I am able to help!

My husband has never been around a baby before. Can you help?

Babybliss Newborn Care understands that the role of dads has changed considerably.  But even as men are now more prominent in the home and offer increasing levels of care to their partner and their children, many times, there is still a certain level of uncertainty amongst many guys about just what they actually should be doing with their baby.  Not to fear!  I offer Daddy Basics training and support to bring your guy up to speed on all the things he has to know about your little one, including how to change a diaper, how to help with feedings and how to provide you the assistance you need as you both adjust to your new role as parents.

How do I get in touch with Babybliss Newborn Care?

I was waiting for you to ask that question!  It’s easy!  Call me today at 800-630-6315 or click here and take this opportunity to ask any question about how a newborn specialist or doula could help you.  Contact me today!