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If you are a new parent, if there is one thing that is true and it’s that you love and adore your new baby.  However, you probably don’t love the lack of sleep.  While every new parent realizes that giving up some sleep is part of bringing home baby from the hospital, it’s important for you to realize that this doesn’t have to be the case.   At Babybliss Newborn Care, I am able to consult with you and get your baby on a healthy and productive sleep routine.   Through my coaching, I am able to assess and understand your child’s sleeping habits and create a customized plan that will not only allow your son or daughter realize an improved sleep schedule, but also help you get the sleep that you are so desperate for.

What exactly is sleep training?

While falling asleep might seem like the easiest thing in the world to you and me, the fact is, sleeping is something many infants need to learn how to do.  Sleep training is the process of helping your baby learn how to get to sleep and ultimately, stay asleep throughout the night.

Do all babies need sleep training?

No.  Many babies are able to develop a sleep schedule easily and instinctually, but others need just a bit of guidance.  With my sleep training services, your infant will be helped through the process of settling down and falling asleep. Gently! Moreover, I will assist them in learning how to get back to sleep when they are awakened.

What do sleep training services entail?

Charlotte sleep training services provided by Babybliss Newborn Care allow for two things.  First, you will be provided the opportunity to get some much needed Z’s, and secondly, your infant will be watched and coached through the night.  I will be able to not only understand triggers that cause your child to awaken, but also realize what is the most effective strategy for getting your baby to stay asleep through the night.  From this point, I will be able to help you implement these tactics, providing a more productive and stress-free home for you and your family.

“… but she was also able to get him to sleep through the night while being very sensitive to his needs.” 

baby smiles and sleeps peacefully after charlotte sleep training

Remember, sleep doesn’t have to be elusive for you or your child.  Make this time in your lives happier with a bit of loving sleep training and support.  Contact Babybliss Newborn Care today. Babybliss offers sleep training in Charlotte as well as serving families in Huntersville, Moorseville, Cornelius and beyond.

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Alex McGuire offers Charlotte sleep training for postpartum families who want their baby to sleep through the night.