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Giving birth is an amazing experience; it’s one of the most intimate, life-changing moments of a woman’s life. Understanding how important it is for a laboring woman to feel supported and comforted throughout her pregnancy, labor, and birth experience, BABYbliss Newborn Care was born.

BabyBliss offers Charlotte birth doula services.

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What does a doula do?

A doula is part of the birth team – she does not take the place of the father or family. In fact, doulas are often hired to assist the father or partner. Knowing doulas are trained labor assistants helps provide a significant source of reassurance for the laboring couple. And, because the mother-to-be has met with her doula prior to the onset of labor, a bond has been established that can be comforting during her labor. Doulas are also referred to as birth companions, birth assistants or labor professionals. Alex McGuire is your go-to Charlotte birth doula!

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A Birth or Labor Doula is dedicated to empowering the woman throughout her labor. She is by the woman’s side, offering continual support, helping the mother stay relaxed and focused. By staying relaxed, a women is better able to deal with the pain of labor. As your Charlotte birth doula, I can provide you with a wide range of comforts; massage, focused breathing, a warm bath and positioning, reassuring you along the way that you can do this! I also help your birth partner remain confident in his role during the birthing process.

The Postpartum Doula provides comfort and support to the new mother (and father) during the first few weeks after the baby’s birth. She can demonstrate new baby care; bathing the baby, help with breastfeeding techniques or look after older siblings. She might simply watch the baby while the new mother sleeps. A postpartum doula may also run errands, prepare meals and do light house work.

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Alex McGuire has been serving the greater Charlotte area for over nine years. How may we help you?

As part of your birth team a doula can help …

  • reduce the length of labor
  • lower the incident of cesareans
  • lower the request for epidurals

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Women who use doulas report …

  • few complications
  • greater satisfaction with their birth experience
  • greater bonding with their baby
  • increased success with breastfeeding
  • less chance of postpartum depression
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Alex McGuire offers Charlotte birth doula services.