Pregnancy brain is something I heard all the time as a birth doula … but look what happens to a woman’s brain when she becomes a mother.

And, speaking of the pregnant woman’s brain, could the baby’s cells be living in the mother’s brain?

Oh, and if you’re looking for a definitive baby name, have you considered a hipster name, they’re like regular baby names, but even cooler! No shame in admitting there are a couple that (I think) rock.

Ask any new parent what the ONE thing they found most challenging during the first few weeks of having a new baby was and most will tell you … too much sleep! Oh, that’s NOT what you’ve heard?!? Fair enough, usually what we hear is that they would give up, well,  just about anything, if their precious little one would just SLEEP. The first step to an infant sleeping better is understanding a newborn’s sleep patterns.

And speaking of not getting enough sleep. As a postpartum doula, I’ve worked with many new mommas who expressed concern at the possibility that once their baby was born they might suffer from PPD, better known as Postpartum Depression. So let’s discuss what it is, how to get help and what’s a doula?

Today’s video: Postpartum Depression

In the NEWS … did you hear about the couple that just gave birth to IDENTICAL TRIPLETS conceived naturally???

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