newborn-infant-care- wmWelcome 2015

How cold is it where you live? Today in Charlotte, the high was a mere 27º and since we still need to transport our babies keeping them warm and safe in the car seat becomes a priority. The Car Seat Lady has the BEST advice on car seat safety.

Will having a baby affect your coupleness? According to Babble there are 11 ways having a newborn will change your relationship.

“My cervix is none of your business!” responded my client when asked by a stranger how dilated she was. Here’s another clever take on those annoying questions:  almost everyone who interacts with a pregnant woman is drunk???

It’s a new year! Let’s get moving … walking is a great way to increase your fitness … there are many new mom stroller groups to help keep you motivated. Best part – your baby is a built-in part of your workout!

Dessert in a jar! How cool is this … you bake it and eat it right out of the jar. I’ve been craving Chocolate Lave Cake and when I found these little desserts I had to share them with you.

This week’s video:

Until next time … stay warm.